Tom Westhelle 10/27/20

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First Wall of American Flyer trains in office - Tom Westhelle (TWesthelle) Viewed: 1566 times.
Dealer Display Board Circa 1950 reproduction with Frontier Sets, Defender Set, various cars, bottom shelf is the 980 series Boxcars - Tom Westhelle (TWesthelle)…
Flyer Dealer Display and assorted Flyer displays - Tom Westhelle (TWesthelle) Viewed: 1301 times.
Shelf below first wall display shelves above UP Passenger Santa Fe Passenger, NP Passenger New Haven Passenger and EP5 Newly arrived Trusscott set on chair -…
Test track layout also for Grandson Dylan to play while here - Tom Westhelle (TWesthelle) Viewed: 1317 times.
Assorted Flyer display shelves. SanteFe ABA five digit From MY childhood and a peak into the closet with sets - Tom Westhelle (TWesthelle) Viewed: 1363 times.
600 Heavyweight Pullman set, also from my childhood collection - Tom Westhelle (TWesthelle) Viewed: 1287 times.
Assorted Flyer/Erector/Gilbert Sciene sets above my desk - Tom Westhelle (TWesthelle) Viewed: 1439 times.
Flat Unloader, CP Christmas Flat, Maint. Car In clear box, MP AA Five digit - Tom Westhelle (TWesthelle) Viewed: 1375 times.