Trolley line as laid out 5/20/09

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Trolley line R-O-W 1 leaving loop - Ron Ferrel (RonFerrel) Viewed: 1187 times.
Trolley line R-O-W 2 heading downgrade to cross under G gauge - Ron Ferrel (RonFerrel) Viewed: 1133 times.
Trolley line R-O-W 3 continuing downgrade, G at left, O27 upper right - Ron Ferrel (RonFerrel) Viewed: 1131 times
Trolley line R-O-W 4 crossing under G gauge main and siding. - Ron Ferrel (RonFerrel) Viewed: 1173 times.
Trolley R-O-W 5 line parallel to G gauge heading south, far end loop in distance - Ron Ferrel (RonFerrel) Viewed: 1100 times.
Trolley R-O-W 6 line parallel to G gauge at right, O27 in upper right - Ron Ferrel (RonFerrel) Viewed: 1139 times
Trolley R-O-W 7 line veers left to cross future live water stream, G gauge at right - Ron Ferrel (RonFerrel) Viewed: 1108 times.
Trolley R-O-W 8 line crossing future live water stream and connecting with end loop, G gauge at right, then S loop, O27 line at top - Ron Ferrel (RonFerrel)…