Misc 6/18/05

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Roundhouse with track ballasted - Barb (barb) Viewed: 965 times.
New lumber yard and furniture shop - Barb (barb) Viewed: 942 times.
The furniture shop is a card stock building from Clever Models - Barb (barb) Viewed: 882 times.
The lumber yard has a new shingled roof - Barb (barb) Viewed: 886 times.
The furniture shop at night - Barb (barb) Viewed: 838 times.
THe first pile of lumber and a bit of vegetation - Barb (barb) Viewed: 927 times.
The new sidewalks and curbing in town - Barb (barb) Viewed: 911 times.
Sidewalks and curbing made of basswood and balsa - Barb (barb) Viewed: 917 times.
The back of the furniture shop with the start of vegetation - Barb (barb) Viewed: 871 times.
The town square - Barb (barb) Viewed: 762 times.