Move-In 3/28/05

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Layout dated December 11, 1950 Viewed: 1810 times.
Layout signed Viewed: 1711 times.
Control Panel Viewed: 1794 times.
1st of 2 removable scenery sections Viewed: 1822 times.
2nd section, these things are HEAVY! Viewed: 1686 times.
Layout can run four trains on three loops Viewed: 1884 times.
Custom radius track constructed of continuous rail Viewed: 1829 times.
Layout sits on a box, constructed of 1x2's and masonite Viewed: 1777 times.
There's some confusion about the orientation of the box. Is it upside down?? Viewed: 1718 times.
Mounting for 583 Magnetic Crane Viewed: 1443 times.