Christmas 2004 11/30/02—10/27/20

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This year's layout includes two loops around the Christmas tree. The inner loop and its scenery were used last year and are on the upper level. - Bill McKie…
A new lower loop and scenery were added at floor level. - Bill McKie (bmckie) Viewed: 970 times.
Set 5322T has the outer loop for running. - Bill McKie (bmckie) Viewed: 985 times.
The new scenery includes a church and a model railroad shop. - Bill McKie (bmckie) Viewed: 968 times.
A couple of snowmen are having fun on the slope. - Bill McKie (bmckie) Viewed: 958 times.
The church with the snowman on a sled. - Bill McKie (bmckie) Viewed: 922 times.
AF 282 making its run around the layout. - Bill McKie (bmckie) Viewed: 973 times.
A Pikes Peak Coach brings up the rear. - Bill McKie (bmckie) Viewed: 968 times.
A S-Helper Maine Central SW-9 is making its rounds on the upper loop. - Bill McKie (bmckie) Viewed: 951 times.
he SW-9 is pulling a freight of SHS Christmas cars: 1999 CHCS Hopper, 2000 PGE Reefer, 2003 GN Stockcar, 2004 Maine Central Caboose. - Bill McKie (bmckie)…